Because I can: multimedia projects in development

This Is Where My Dreams Go When I Open My Eyes 
This project started with spontaneous photography, of a world parallel to mine at that moment. It turned into a project when a piano piece I wrote fit the atmosphere of the photos, in turn sparking the idea of writing text to it. I'm currently in the (slow) process of filming shifting patterns at nighttime, to be combined with drawn and animated abstract patterns – to eventually form a spatial and immersive moving image installation that (much like my drawings) appeals to an internal, embodied universal knowledge, rather than a cognitive understanding. 


An installation of large drawings, combining ghostlike images of both dead natural objects and of personal objects that preserve the memory of someone who passed away – showing the fluidity of our temporal experience and placing us humans in the broader context of time and nature. The installation will be accompanied by a soundscape and a spoken word performance of a poetic rendering of the stories behind the personal objects.