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Member of The Hague Artists.

I'm a visual artist, illustrator, designer, writer and musician, living and working in The Hague, The Netherlands. I'm always told that you can't do everything at once, and that's entirely true – but I guess it's just who I am, I love doing it, ánd it's nice to try and challenge generally accepted truths.

So, I do it all. And everything I do is part of one and the same, ongoing creative process – a lot of times my different media naturally overlap, blend, or cross pollinate. But what is it all about?

From quite a young age I’ve been aware of the temporary nature of everything – not as a ‘sad thing’, but transience as a universal given. This apparent paradox of the ‘timelessness of temporality’ has always, on both formal and conceptual levels, translated into my art, my writing, my music. I say ‘translated’, since it is mostly trying to convey what I see, or know intuitively, and not so much about ‘exploring’ or ‘asking questions’.

Of course, this underlying theme has different outcomes in different media – in drawings, the materiality shows what a written text can’t describe; in music, the harmonies or disharmonies will resonate in a way a drawing could never; a poem can summon up images you could (and probably should) not draw. The common denominator however, is: patterns. Natural, structural, and even behavioural – seeing the beauty in inevitability. This is my mission: to draw all my media ever closer together in what I want to show and share, in the hope that there is comfort in the recognition of us, humans, being a small part of a much larger whole in time and space – a reconciliation of temporality and eternity. 

How does all this apply to my design work? Simple: I’m not susceptible to any design trends, but instead looking for a certain bold energy, maybe even a... timelessness? Sounds like quite a stretch, I know, but over the years, I did design several identities that have been in use for decades now, without having lost power or having turned outdated. Designing stuff comes down to listening, intuitively knowing what’s needed, a solid sense of shape and tons of experience – and a no-bullshit approach. You’ll get it when you hire me...