Booming Business

I've been entertaining the idea of drawing pillars of smoke ever since the forest fires raging in the south of Europe, a few years back. The similarity to the tree patterns is obvious, but I forgot about it. Until the war in Ukraine, when footage from right after bombings and missile hits came through. I was kind of scared and certainly angry, since before our eyes a very old pattern of aggression and aggrevation started unfolding again – the images don't differ from earlier wars. And it's not at all limited to Ukraine. It will never stop, it's a booming business.


Cherkiv, Ukraine 2023 (missile hit). Pencil on plano aspirin box (inside), approx. 17,5 x 20 cm.


Khartoum, Sudan 2023. Pencil on plano penicillin box (inside), approx. 19,4 x 21,4 cm.


Oil storage facility, Kursk, Russia (2022). Gouache and pencil on cardboard envelope, 40,5 x 34 cm.


Crimea Bridge, Kerch Strait Ukraine/Russia 2022 (car bomb). Gouache and pencil on plano cardboard delivery envelope, 59 x 42 cm.


Crimea, Ukraine 2022. Gouache and pencil on plano popsicle packaging (inside), 41,5 x 28 cm.


Sana'a, Yemen (airstrike) 2015. Pencil and tape on plano sugar packaging (inside), 36 x 26 cm.


Pearl Harbor, USA, 1941. Pencil on plano wheat cracker box (inside), 47 x 33,5 cm.


Belgorod (ammunition depot, 2022), Russia. Pencil on plano salt packaging (inside), 32 x 25 cm., 2022  (SOLD - private collection)


Daraya, Syria (barrel bomb, 2016). Pencil and tape on plano tea packaging (inside), 24,5 x 19 cm., 2022 (SOLD - private collection)


Kyiv, Ukraine (2022). Pencil on slightly modified rice packaging (inside), 35 x 27,5 cm., 2022  (SOLD - private collection)


Severodonetsk, Ukraine (2022). Pencil on plano chocolate packaging (inside), 23,5 x 25,5 cm., 2022  (RESERVED)