72 – Remembrance and homage (in development)

An installation as a homage to my father, who was always supportive of and believing in my abilities, and in remembrance of the environment I grew up in.


The installation is projected to be a spatial arrangement of 72 blocks of chopped wood and 72 drawings of them on the wall (or otherwise arranged, size to be determined), for the number of years my father, who passed away in 2019, lived. For the better part of my youth I grew up in the car garage my parents owned. A number of woodblocks, the  ‘garage years’, is to be covered with waste oil. De 72 blocks of wood are ideally arranged to form a score (in the broadest sense) of 72 notes for a musical piece/soundscape, written by friend and composer Folkert Buis. Requiem, celebration, or both - that I leave to his personal experience and imagination.

The woodblocks refer to my fascination for the recurring, similar, yet never the same shapes, structures and patterns of woos, trees en landscapes - a theme in my art, whereas the oil is reminiscent of a the disappearing world of the old-fashioned garage. The atmosphere I want to create allows for feelings of nostalgia, without adulating a literal past.

But in the story of my father's 'escape from the oil', I see a parallel with how we, the world, are slowly escaping (or should be trying to escape) from the use of fossil fuels. The world we grew up in is disappearing, but is it even possible to escape our origin, our history?